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Vape Shop London

Vape Lab LDN has been around for more than 5 years now and in that time we have amassed a loyal and growing customer base. Our customers appreciate the lengths we go to in order to provide them with the best possible vaping-related products and services. That includes creating a friendly, open community environment at our brick and mortar locations in Colliers Wood and Clapham South. Anyone and everyone interested in vaping is welcome in our stores and will find our staff extremely knowledgeable and helpful.

The Best Products at the Best Prices

We spend a lot of time and energy researching new products, including e-liquids, mods and other peripherals and accessories. We strive to offer a comprehensive range of products that speak to all aspects of the vaping experience. And we also make sure that we provide a generous assortment of affordable items, because we understand that in these trying times a lot of people need to watch their budgets.

London Vape Shop

You Have Questions, We Have Answers

Vaping newbies often have a lot of questions about the practice: how the different kinds of equipment work, what e-liquids are, what (if any) legal issues arise from vaping in public and more. Many wish to quit smoking and have heard that vaping provides a way to do so in a safe, effective, controlled manner. But they want to know how and what’s involved.

The bottom line is that whatever your vaping-related questions or concerns bring them to the Vape Lab LDN vape shop in London and pose them to our staff. They will be happy to provide the answers and information you need so that you can make an informed decision about whether vaping is for you.

A Better Vape Shop London

We don’t pretend to be the only vape shop in London. But we do work hard to stand apart from the competition. Vaping is more than a business to us, it’s a lifestyle and Vape Lab LDN is more than a company to us, it’s a family enterprise founded and run by 3 brothers who shared a vision of creating a better kind of vape shop.

The result is a place that is equal parts retail store, cafe, head shop, information kiosk, and gathering point for enlightened individuals from all walks of life. As we emerged from the pandemic we were thrilled to be able to welcome back members we hadn’t seen in months and provide them with a much-needed sense of community and normalcy. It’s all part of the Vape Lab LDN experience.

Vape Shop in London

Let’s Not Forget Our Online Shop

It was our online presence that helped us through the past couple of years. It also provided an important resource for our dedicated customer base. We were proud to be able to keep the supply chains open and continue to offer them the best in both tried and true and new hardware and accessories.

We bring the same dedication and commitment to our online efforts that we bring to our London shops. As a result, everything you will find in our Colliers Wood and Clapham South locations you will find in our virtual store. If you are budget-minded the Vape Lab LDN online store often provides a way for you to save a few quid as well, with “online only” specials. And keep in mind too that delivery is always free.

If you are looking for a vape shop in London that’s a cut above you owe it to yourself to stop by one of our Vape Lab LDN locations. You’ll find everyone to be super friendly and ready to assist you as you embark on your vaping experience.

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